Embracing the future. Empowering individuals' and organizations' ability to flourish.

Our Vision

Informed by the native culture of Hawai`i, the people of the world ~ living together in mutual respect ~ discover unexpected, creative solutions in their diversity.

Our Mission

To facilitate a vision of lokahi ~ harmony and balance ~ among the diverse peoples of Hawai`i; and encouraging each person to contribute their deepest values, to create shared visions, and to continuously improve our communities.

Our Guiding Principles

    • Exemplify the spirit of giving – Aloha
    • Honor and learn from the Hawaiian culture
    • Face to face, heart to heart communication
    • Celebrate diversity and create trust among all
    • Bring out the best in everyone
    • Lokahi: peace, unity, and harmony
  • Follow-up and act on commitments

Our Story

Many circumstances and events influenced Kenneth F. Brown to found Friends of the Future. Learn more…

These factors culminated in a conversation. At the heart of the conversation was a love of Hawai’i.

Friends of the Future began informally in 1988 as a conversation celebrating pluralism, duality, and cultural diversity. Over the next two years, the continuing discussions revealed common ground for collaborative efforts to restore Hawai`i as a true example of thinking globally and acting locally.

The series of discussions which followed over a 2-year period revealed common ground for collaborative efforts to restore Hawai`i as a true example of thinking globally and acting locally.

Since its formal incorporation in 1991, FOF has provided an organizational home to over 40 programs and community initiatives. Some have become independent organizations, transitioned to other like-minded organizations, or completed their work. Others are waiting patiently for the right time, right place, and right resources to be realized.

Today, FOF continues to embrace the future in ways that unify, empower, and strengthen individuals’ and organizations’ ability to flourish. Each year the number of programs and initiatives within Friends of the Future change to reflect the needs of our Island community.

To understand how it’s possible for one organization to nurture such an array of activities, you need only look to the sense of service to Hawai`i that inspired the formation of Friends of the Future.

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Our Founder, Kenneth F. Brown

The Hawaiian ethos endures still in our land. And it is deeply ingrained in the way we Hawaiians approach the many problems with which we have to cope today.

Yes, the primal Hawaiians, their ethos and their values, are integral parts of our society.

…we may live richer, more satisfying lives, by drawing upon the deep and abiding strengths in the ways of our ancestors.”

— Kenneth F. Brown, for the forward for Ku kanaka, stand tall: a search for Hawaiian values

Since the early 1970s, observing that the western models of medicine and economics weren’t staunching the tide of loss for native Hawaiians, Brown has tirelessly advocated a return to the priorities of “Hawaiian society, with its conservation imperative,” as he put it 39 years ago in a widely quoted speech that defines the Malama Hawaii mission. (Click here to read more of his speech.)

A descendant of noted Hawaiian leaders, Kenneth F. Brown felt called to serve his ancestors and the ‘aina of Hawai’i. As a result, in the late 1980’s, he found himself in pivotal roles as Chairman of Mauna Lani Resort, EastWest Center, Queen Emma Foundation, Bishop Museum, Queens Medical Center, and Waiaha Foundation.

At the same time, there was a sense that worldwide economic, cultural, and social forces were converging on Hawai’i.

Brown recognized an unprecedented opportunity to share resources, improve the quality of life and influence the future. In a gathering that led to the founding of Friends of the Future, Brown said, “We shouldn’t fear the future. We should make the future our friend.”

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Board Of Directors

Kenneth F. Brown – Founder, in memoriam
Earl E. Bakken – Chair and President
Herbert M. Richards – Vice President
Phyllis G. Fox – Treasurer
Sharon L. Sakai – Secretary
Georgine Busch – Director
Mark McGuffie – Director

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